Rockin’ Ramen: A quick look at the new Hanabi Ramen & Izakaya

Kara Miso ramen at Hanabi Ramen & Izakaya.

Kara Miso ramen at Hanabi Ramen & Izakaya.

The new Hanabi Ramen & Izakaya isn’t the first restaurant in Fort Worth to serve ramen – Ume, Little Lilly’s Sushi, Temaki and even Woodshed Smokehouse have been serving the trendy Japanese noodle soup.

But this small, attractive restaurant, opened last month by the same owners as Hanabi Hibachi and Sushi in north Fort Worth is the first to devote so much of its menu to authentic ramen.

The restaurant serves eight variations. I recently tried the tonkotsu Kara Miso ramen, made with spicy pork, and it was everything good ramen should be – a well flavored broth, silky noodles that were neither too thick or thin and toppings that worked together well and alone.

Its quality wasn’t much of a surprise. After all, the chef Ito Takao ran a ramen restaurant in Tokyo before he made his way to the United States.

In addition to ramen, the restaurant also serves small plates such as yellow tail cheek, tako yaki (pancake balls with bits of octopus), chilled tofu, variations of tempura (including squid) and skewers of grilled meat. The small plates are available at dinner only. Additional lunch options include a handful of salads and side dishes (I loved the mini gyu don, a rice bowl topped with shaved beef).

The interior is styled after a Japanese “izakaya”, with low lights and subtle colors. It’s an atmosphere that’s similar to Shinjuko Station.

The restaurant is sandwiched between Great Outdoors and Wild Rooster.

3204 Camp Bowie Blvd. (817) 420-6703.


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