Jesus Garcia no longer chef at Little Lilly Sushi

Chef Jesus Garcia. Photo: Facebook.

Chef Jesus Garcia. Photo: Facebook.

Last night, Jesus Garcia announced on Twitter that he is no longer the chef at Little Lilly Sushi, the two-year-old Camp Bowie Japanese hotspot recently named one of the state’s top restaurants by Texas Monthly magazine.

Garcia told’s Malcolm Mayhew he was terminated by the restaurant yesterday during a pop-up event he was hosting at Little Lilly. Owner Danny Liu said he quit.

Last night, Garcia tweeted to me: “It was tough decision for both of us but it opens an opportunity to change scenery and hopefully they rekindle.”

After posted its story, Little Lilly Sushi tweeted: “We wish all the best to Jesus Garcia. He has given his all to LLS, and we thank him for that.” All of Garcia’s tweets regarding his departure from the restaurant have since been deleted.

But much of what he had originally tweeted reappeared on his Facebook page..

Garcia was the chef but he was also the face of the restaurant. He was a “working chef,” not just someone who wrote recipes for sous chefs. I’ll miss his food, as well as his presence. But considering his outstanding work at Little Lilly’s, I’m sure we’ll hear from him again very soon.


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