You Gotta Eat This: Lil’ Meat burger at Carter’s

The cheekily named Lil' Meat burger.

The Lil’ Meat burger at Carter’s.

The 3-week-old Carter’s #1 Sandwich Shop & More is primarily a barbecue restaurant, but I never made it to the brisket or ribs when I went in for a visit last week. After seeing the burger on another customer’s plate, I had to try it. This “Lil’ Meat” burger turned out to be one of the best burgers I’ve had in a long, long time.

Obviously owner Clinton “Dwayne” Carter gave the burger a cheeky name, as it’s anything but little. Three pieces of buttered and grilled Texas toast try their best to hold up two half-pound patties, along with lettuce, tomato, grilled jalapeños and mustard or mayo.

I usually don’t like burgers cooked well done. I prefer medium rare to medium. But the patties were full of so much flavor, I didn’t mind. What the patties lacked in juice, they more than compensated for with an old school flavor that put the spotlight on the richness of the beef and the seasoning skills of the kitchen. Clinton wouldn’t give up his recipe, but it tasted like the perfect blend of salt, pepper and garlic to me.

The first time restaurant owner said he’s been making this burger for family and friends since the early 1980s, and now he has decided to test them on the rest of Fort Worth. Lucky us.

I’m anxious to go back and try the ‘cue. He has a large smoker out back left over from the space’s previous occupants, Kip’z Barbecue (the Kip’z sign is still up). Don’t expect anything fancy or trendy. This is a small, modest mom and pop resto. There’s not even a web site or Facebook page. But he’s open every day starting around 9:00 a.m.

1509 Evans Ave., Fort Worth.


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