Pizza Snob brings good crust, good vibes to TCU area

Pizza Snob opened Monday on University Drive near TCU.

Pizza Snob opened Monday on University Drive near TCU.

Workers prepping pizzas at Pizza Snob.

Workers prepping pizzas at Pizza Snob.

It’s been a big and busy week for new Fort Worth restaurants, with Velvet Taco opening on Monday and AF+B throwing open its unmarked doors on Friday. With all the hoopla surrounding these two places you might not have noticed that another restaurant opened this week called Pizza Snob, a fast-casual pizza joint near TCU.

There’s a long backstory with this place, but now that it has arrived the story is this – theyre doing good pizza here. Owner Jim Wisniewski borrowed Pizza Snob’s concept from Pie 5, Pizza Inn’s fast casual spinoff. Customers move through a line, picking sauces and toppings, and wait for their thin-crust pizzas to be cooked.

But Pizza Snob is a major improvement of that concept. I swung by Tuesday, the day after they opened, and had an excellent pizza and kale salad in a warm atmosphere that was certainly a welcome respite from the usual TCU-hangout noise.

Upon entering you’re greeted with instructions and prices. You can order a specialty pizza or build your own. All pizzas are personal sized (about 10 1/2 inches), sliced into eight pieces, and cost $7.99. There are also salads, individual or “table” sizes. FYI: an individual salad is big enough for two people.

As you move through the line workers assemble your pizza. While the ingredients aren’t really gourmet they’re not the usual pizza joint toppings, either. During my visit they were offering baby bellas (cremini mushrooms that have been allowed to mature for up to seven days longer than commercial creminis), beer glazed onions, sliced calabrese salame and candied jalapenos, along with more traditional offerings like sausage, peppers and pepperoni (a manager said the toppings will sometimes rotate). The restaurant makes its own pizza sauces – honey barbecue, buttermilk alfredo and tomato.

Pies awaiting the oven.

Pies awaiting the oven.

Once your pizza is put together it takes a whirl in an rotating Italian-made gas oven that cooks it for approximately 90 seconds.

When your order is ready, your number appears on an old lighted Bingo sign.

I’m in no way a pizza snob but growing up in Chicago I was obviously surrounded by pizza culture and people who were passionate about their pies, especially the crust. I grew up adopting a similar philosophy toward crust. To me, it’s the most important part of a pizza. In saying that I can tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed the crust on the pizza I had here, the Sweet Italian sausage pie. It was so much better than Pie 5, or for that matter most other local pizza chains. In a way it reminded me of Fireside’s or Cane Rosso’s, at least in terms of texture, in that it was a good balance between floppy and firm (although I have noticed that Fireside’s have been a lot more cracker-like lately, at least at the Fort Worth location). Of course, it lacked the flavor and character of a pizza cooked in a wood-burning oven. I love the bubbles and burned edges you get at Cane Rosso, Rocco’s and Fireside and this didn’t have much of either. But it did have a nice texture and good buttery flavor. The creamy alfredo buttermilk sauce was good too.

Sweet Italian pie with  candied jalapenos and alfredo buttermilk sauce.

Sweet Italian sausage pie with candied jalapenos and alfredo buttermilk sauce.

Along with the pizza I ordered a kale salad for $5.99 and had plenty left over to take home. Those who like sweet salads will love this one, as it’s decorated with cranberries and tossed in a sweet orange sesame oil dressing.

A nice crisp kale salad with cranberries, pepitas and orange sesame oil.

A nice crisp kale salad with cranberries, pepitas and orange sesame oil.

For drinks, there are craft and draft beers, specialty teas and Maine Root fountain drinks.

The atmosphere was pleasant and comfortable, with wood tables, soft yellow lights (hence why all my photos have an annoying yellow glow to them) and a welcoming, friendly staff. This place isn’t snobby at all.

Pizza Snob, 3051 S. University Dr. 817-462-7662. 10:30 a.m.-10:00 p.m. Sunday-Thursday, 10:30 a.m.-11:00 p.m. Friday-Saturday.


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