Melt Ice Creams coming to Near Southside this spring

Kari Crowe and ice cream.

Kari Crowe and ice cream.

If there’s one thing missing from the Near Southside, it’s a dessert shop. While other Fort Worth entertainment districts are swimming in yogurt, ice cream, gelato, cookie, candy and cupcake shops, it’s been a long time coming for the Near Southside to have its own sweet things parlor.

One it shall receive. As first reported by 360 West, this spring local blogger and 360 West freelance photographer Kari Crowe will open Melt Ice Creams, what she calls a “craft ice cream” shop at 954 W. Rosedale Ave. The space was recently vacated by coffee/sandwich shop Caffe di Angeli.

According to her blog, the ice cream will be made from scratch. Crowe took ice cream-making lessons from a couple in Cleveland. “I came home and started writing recipes every other day,” she writes. “My neighbors became my taste testers.”

Crowe says her shop will open this spring. Follow Melt Ice Creams’ Facebook page for updates.


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