You’ll Want to Eat This: Mariposa’s new pecan praline cinnamon roll

Behold the pecan praline cinnamon roll at Mariposa's Latin Kitchen.

Behold the pecan praline cinnamon roll at Mariposa’s Latin Kitchen.

In addition to outstanding tacos, tamales and enchiladas, the year-old Mariposa’s Latin Kitchen is known for housemade sopapillas and mini pralines. Now the tiny west side resto has combined ingredients from those two desserts to build a whole new super dessert.

Last month, mom-daughter owners Irma Gamez and Crystal Padilla rolled out their new pecan praline cinnamon roll, and yes, it is as sweet and decadent (and delicious) as it sounds.

The cinnamon roll itself is made of a yeast-based dough, which cook Irma also uses to make empanadas and sopapillas. Crushed pieces of pralines are rolled into the dough. The roll is served hot, so when you cut into it, the pralines have melted, creating a sticky, caramelized sweet filling.

Cinnamon butter sauce is drizzled onto the roll and it comes with two toppings – scoops of vanilla ice cream and a whole mini praline.

It’s big enough to share, but believe me, you won’t want to do that.

5724 Locke Ave., 817-570-9555


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