Tidbits: Live Oak brings back lunch, Bearded Lady intros menu, Spiral Diner’s new burgers

Lunch is on (again) at The Live Oak.

Lunch is on (again) at The Live Oak.

* Open a little over a year now, The Live Oak Music Hall & Lounge got off to a rocky start with food and service and at some point scrapped lunch altogether.

This week, the Near Southside music venue and restaurant took another stab at lunch, relaunching service Tuesday-Friday from 11am-2pm with a short list of dishes that changes “whenever we feel like it,” according to the menu. New chef Dan Gocken, fresh from a stint at the Lightcatcher Winery, says the menu focuses on local ingredients and that it changes based on whatever he grabs at the market.

This week the WWFLI menu included a grilled goat cheese and tomato sandwich, a Revolver Bock-braised pork shoulder sandwich, sweet corn and roasted poblano soup, and a tangerine salad. When I went on Tuesday, the goat cheese/tomato sandwich was great, but there was no one there. I know Live Oak’s primary concern is live music, but if you’re going to serve food, don’t you need to let people know about it? Hey, maybe post your menu online? That’s always an attention-getter. Or “take it to the next level,” as they say, and post pictures of your food, like Brewed, Swiss Pastry Shop and just about every other resto in town. Just suggestin’.

* Hot Near Southside craft beer pub The Bearded Lady will begin serving food Friday night. Limited menu at first, then full-on later on.

* DFW.com delivered some great BBQ news this week – Wilson’s BBQ on the east side now has late hours. I checked it out on Wednesday, and here’s what happened.

* Spiral Diner introduced a new “burger” menu on Tuesday that includes a “Ghost Burger,” swabbed in a pineapple-ghost pepper jelly. Sign me up to burn the heck out of my mouth on that, but I’m equally anxious to try these new shakes.

Buttermilk pie at Billy's Oak Acres BBQ, not at all how mom used to make it.

Buttermilk pie at Billy’s Oak Acres BBQ, not at all how mom used to make it.

* I can’t think of a better dessert I’ve had all summer than the housemade buttermilk pie at the new Billy’s Oak Acres BBQ in northwest Fort Worth. Billy Woodrich is getting good press for his brisket, ribs and “pork wings,” but you’ll want to save room for onetime Grady Spears baker Susan Eddins’ buttermilk pie, cut in a square and topped with caramel and cream. She’ll make you a whole one for $36. Otherwise, it’s $3 a slice.

* Recently opened Pacific Table begins brunch service this weekend from 9am to 2pm Saturday and Sunday. Look for lobster benedict, trout scramble, lemon ricotta pancakes and other surf/turf dishes.

* I would completely avoid Dallas this weekend.

* DFW.com’s Burger Battle is down to two places – Chop House and Rodeo Goat.

Rodeo Goat's in the running to be crowned best burger by DFW.com.

Rodeo Goat’s in the running to be crowned best burger by DFW.com.


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