Trio of None: Three Fort Worth restaurants close

Ryan's Fine Grocer & Delicatessen closed last week.

Ryan’s Fine Grocer & Delicatessen closed last week.

They say bad news happens in three’s – if that’s the case, then 1. Ryan’s 2. Dixie House and 3. Iron Spurs.

All three Fort Worth restaurants closed within the past few days.

Farewell note from Iron Spurs.

Farewell note from Iron Spurs.

It’s no surprise that the River Oaks location of Dixie House Cafe closed. The food at the fifth resto in the local home-cooking chain was good, as usual. But prices were too steep for that area, especially with cheap-eats Moe’s Cafe nearby. Iron Spurs Bar & Grill, housed in the old Williams Ranch House on Jacksboro Highway, never found its footing, nor did it win over critics.

The closing of Ryan’s Fine Grocer & Delicatessen comes six months after it opened. In addition to lunch, the restaurant recently introduced brunch and dinner menus. Most entrees were in the double digits, some $20-plus. Diners may have had a hard time justifying paying those prices in a deli/grocery store atmosphere.

Residents of the Near South Side have wanted their own grocery store for years. Parking at Ryan’s, however, was difficult and limited. It was hard to just run in and grab a few things, as you can do at Roy Pope Grocery, which has ample parking. Ryan’s inventory was limited, too. Foodies must have loved that they carried artisan bread from Black Rooster Bakery, but oftentimes people just need a $2 loaf of white.

No word yet on what’s to become of the building.


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