Tidbits: Pacific Table is open, here comes Fuego Burger

Brussels sprouts at Pacific Table.

Brussels sprouts at Pacific Table.

* Long-awaited seafood resto Pacific Table opened on Monday and in no time has become one of Fort Worth’s buzziest restaurants. I would expect a long wait for a table this weekend. Quick tip: Brussels sprouts and fried oysters are out of this world.

Topped with fire-roasted green chiles, Salsa Fuego's Fuego Burger.

Topped with fire-roasted green chiles, Salsa Fuego’s Fuego Burger.

* Bud Kennedy reported that chef Carlos Rodriguez’s tiny Salsa Fuego is moving into a bigger spot. That spot was most recently the Red Dragon Chinese Buffet (and before that, Peony Chinese Restaurant). In Salsa Fuego’s vacated spot will be Rodriguez’s new Fuego Burger joint. That’s great news, considering Salsa Fuego does excellent burgers. Rodriguez says both restos should be open by the end of the year.

* Coming sooner will be Little Red Wasp, the latest from Grace’s Adam Jones. Construction seems to be moving right along; a Grace employee says they’re still on track to open the day after Labor Day. The menu is being kept under wraps, but supposedly it’ll be more casual than Grace – an apps, cocktails, light entrees type of place. It’s in a small spot sandwiched between Del Frisco’s and Capital Grille.

* If you’re a sucker for restaurants located in old gas stations, Bon Appétit has a best-of article for you. Spoiler: Ellerbe made the list.

* Maybe trying to strengthen their chances at winning DFW.com’s ongoing burger battle, Rodeo Goat introduced a new burger this week called “Shot Sheriff.” I’ll let them explain it: “This meaty mother has Revolver Bock Braised Brisket, Our Ground Beef Patty, Wild Mushrooms, Jalapeno Boursin Cheese and to enhance all that beefy goodness, a Horseradish Cracked Pepper Mayo! Help the Sheriff shoot down this Whiskey Outlaw!”

* Speaking of outlaws, Fort Worth “outlaw chef” Terry Chandler is opening a new Fred’s in the Oui Lounge/Love Shack space on Bluebonnet Circle.

* Some new menus came out this week. Cat City Grill introduced a new dinner menu, as did Ellerbe. Good news for late-night diners: Woodshed Smokehouse unveiled a late-night menu, which Bud Kennedy posted on his FB page this week. A quick FYI about Woodshed: The restaurant will be closed Monday, July 29-Saturday, Aug. 3 for summer vacay.


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