Breakfast at BBQ on the Brazos


After hearing so much about Kathryn Warren and John Sanford’s new barbecue joint, BBQ on the Brazos, I had to check it out for myself. We took the kids down last week for breakfast and a bit of lunch at their two-story restaurant, which is located inside a Texaco gas station.


We ordered two breakfast tacos, brisket and chorizo, and it was more than enough for the four of us. I immediately noticed that the flour tortillas were not of the usual gummy texture. Could it be they were made on-site? Yes. “We have our own tortilla-maker,” one of the employees said pointing to workers in the kitchen. The chorizo taco was excellent, but the brisket taco came with a lot of salsa, which drowned out the flavor of the brisket.


We were hoping to sample the actual barbecue, so we hung out on the second story balcony, complete with an antique piano that the kids loved, until they started serving it at the early time of 9:30. Sausage wasn’t ready yet but we ordered a quarter pound of brisket and a few of the St. Louis-style ribs. Both were some of the best I’ve had in this area. In the photo, the brisket looks a lot drier than it was. Each piece had tasty layers of crust and fat. There was also a sprinkling of what looked like paprika, but they wouldn’t say what the seasoning was. It’s a secret.

IMG_5657 I absolutely loved the ribs, from the bark, to the pink meat to the good, slightly-spicy kick. I was shocked to hear that the wood-burning smoker they use (with oak) is gas powered. This is not the typical, boring gas smoker barbecue – not by a longshot. I’ve always believed that if you know what you’re doing, great BBQ can be done with a gas smoker. To me, this place is 100% proof.

Banana pudding.

Banana pudding.

The kids wanted dessert, so we opted for the banana pudding. This small mountain of calories and deliciousness was topped with sliced bananas, whipped cream and what tasted like pie crust. Despite the fact that it’s about a 30-minute drive from where we live in SW Fort Worth, we’ll be going back.

Looking down into main dining room.

Looking down into main dining room.

Balcony seating.

Balcony seating.

Bottled sauce.

Bottled sauce.

BBQ on the Brazos, 9001 East Hwy. 377, Cresson, 76035. 817-396-4758
6:30am-3pm Monday thru Friday and 9am-3pm Saturday.


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